Sailing Upside Down        3 hander (2f,1m)                 INK FESTIVAL     

An old ferryman takes a young girl across the River Blyth and it changes both their lives forever

Cuckoo                               7 hander (4f, 3m)            BBC Radio 4

An extraordinary story of a strange 1930s childhood, based on my late mother’s memoirs and family recollections

Eavesdropper                    6 hander (4m, 2f)            BBC Radio 4

A spy who listens for a living finds the tables turned on her

Sam’s Secret Orchestra    6 hander (4f, 2m)            BBC Radio 3/Edinburgh Festival

Sam is unusual - she hears everything as music. She is also blind and must fight for her music to be heard. 

Music To See By                3 hander (2f, 1m)            BBC Radio 4

Franz Mesmer teaches blind Maria Theresia von Paradis to see. The ‘cure’ causes her to question everything.

Wake Me In the Morning   3 hander (2m,1f)             Oran Mor

The most famous woman in the world. The most powerful man. Secrets and lies lead to devastating consequences.

Candyland                          3 hander (2m,1f)            

Two film stars tear each other apart in the desert when an intruder arrives

Bring Me Sunshine            4 hander (2m, 2f)           

Ernie delivers a funeral oration for Eric.  Only trouble is, Eric’s not dead.  A comedy about partnership.

Reading in the Dark          3 hander (2m, 1f)           

A famous writer’s sister wants to write too, but finds her way barred in 16th Century London

Return to Sender               2 hander (1m, 1f)           

Short poetic play about a girl who falls in love with the master of the house, and what happens nearly fifty years later

Jumping Jack Flash          9 hander (6m, 2f)            Liverpool Everyman

A rock and roll Jack and the Beanstalk, which broke box office records

Heart and Soul                   7 hander (5m, 2f)            Chester Gateway Theatre

Once they were lovers in a band. Now she’s famous and he’s been left behind.  One weekend she comes home.                                                                                       

The Rain Gathering           2 hander (1m, 1f)            National Theatre Cottesloe, Traverse

A relationship falls apart on a beach, in fractured scenes and flashback, developed at the National Theatre Studio,  Winner of BBC R4 Young Playwrights Festival

Blitz!                                    30 hander  (15m, 15f)     Traverse Theatre

A large scale piece for a young cast about the Clydebank blitz

Savage Britannia               2 hander (2m)                  Mandela Theatre Edinburgh,National Theatre Studio

A bomb has been planted.  The bomber has lost his memory.  Highly successful physical theatre piece

A Distant Shore                 4 hander (2m, 2f)             National Theatre Studio

A West Indian family fight over whether to come to the UK or not after the war.  An epic that covers three generations.

A Child of Europe              3 hander (2m, 1f)             Theatre Workshop

The classic tale of Kaspar Hauser

The Readers of Broken

Wheel Recommend           6 hander (4f, 2m)            Radio 4

Katerina Bivald’s wonderful novel about a young woman who ventures to America to meet her much older pen-pal - only to discover she’s dead

The Sound of My Voice     2 hander (1m, 1f)            Citizens Theatre, Assembly Rooms

Ron Butlin’s classic novel about an alcoholic chosen by Made In Scotland to represent the best of Scottish work at the Edinburgh festival. 4 Awards, seven 5***** reviews, revived twice

Peter Pan                           13 hander                        Citizens Theatre

Smaller version based on J.M.Barrie’s play and novel, Glasgow Herald 5*****

Don Juan                            7 hander (4 m, 3f)           Citizens Theatre

Reworking of Goldoni which sees a modern Don Juan go back in time to face the consequences of his actions “A Citizens classic” Sunday Times

Charlie and the                                                             

Chocolate Factory            10 hander                         Extensive UK touring and West End

Adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story which toured for ten years both in the UK and internationally and was nominated by Plays and Players for Best Children’s Production  

A Clockwork Orange         7 hander (6m,1f)              Citizens Theatre

Prescient small cast version of Burgess’s classic which was situated in a future world of riots a year before they happened in 2011 and was a massive hit with audiences

Wee Fairy Tales                 3 hander (2m,1f)               Citizens Theatre

Scots language versions of fairy tales from Matthew Fitt’s book which toured primary schools

Charlotte’s Web                10 actors (6m, 4f)              Citizens Theatre Glasgow

Enchanting tale given its British premiere by me at Chester and revised for Glasgow

Thérèse Raquin                 5 hander (3m, 2f)              Citizens Theatre Glasgow

A multi-disciplinary version from Emile Zola, set on water, a massive hit with 18-24 year olds

Nightmares                        2 hander (1m, 1f)               Chester Gateway Theatre

A play based on Robert Louis Stephenson’s ghost story The Bodysnatchers

Once Upon a Time            6 hander (3m, 3f)               Chester Gateway Theatre

Six tales by the Brothers Grimm told with minimal props and all coming alive out of a suitcase

Wuthering Heights            7 hander (4m, 3f)               Chester Gateway Theatre

Box office sell out adaptation from Emily Bronte

A Taste of Saki                  4 hander (2m, 2f)                Royal National Theatre, Olivier

Saki’s cruel and witty society stories told with an all star cast for the National

Motel Chronicles              1 hander (1m)                     Edinburgh Festival

Classic Sam Shepard tales told with actor Gary Parker and musician Jonathan Whitehead

Candide                              5 hander (4m, 1f)               Edinburgh Festival

Physical theatre adaptation of Voltaire with music by Emma Freud

Mephisto                            6 hander (4m, 2f)               Edinburgh Festival

Minimal cast staging of Klaus Mann’s epic and brilliant tale of a famous German actor who sells out to the Nazis in order to continue his career

Ikeniye                                2 hander (2m)                    Edinburgh Festival

Japanese Folk Tales by Arthur Waley told with great simplicity and physical skill

Anna Karenina                  10 hander (7m, 3f)              Edinburgh Festival

Adapted with Jeremy Brock (Mrs Brown, The Eagle of the Ninth)

The Lion, The Witch

and the Wardrobe              10 hander (6m, 4f)             Edinburgh Festival

Scaled down version of C S Lewis‘ classic

The Jungle Book                10 hander (6m, 4f)            Edinburgh Festival

Rudyard Kipling adaptation taken from the book, not the film

Reading copies can be obtained from author - see `Contact’ for details.

Original plays