Dog At War                        large cast                 Amazon Audible (in production)

A six hour epic about the journeys of three extraordinary women in the First World War

Cuckoo                                6 hander (3 m, 3f)    BBC Radio 4

An extraordinary story of a strange 1930s childhood, based on my late mother’s memoirs

Eavesdropper                     9 hander (5m, 4f)       BBC Radio 4

A spy who listens for a living finds the tables turned on her

Sam’s Secret Orchestra     6 hander (3m, 3f)     BBC Radio 3/Live at the Edinburgh Festival

Sam is unusual - she hears everything as music, but is blind and must fight for her music to be heard. 

Music To See By                3 hander (1m, 2f)       BBC Radio 4

Franz Mesmer teaches blind Maria Theresia von Paradis to see - making her question everything.

Wake Me In the Morning    3 hander (2m,1f)       Oran Mor

The most famous woman in the world. The most powerful man. Secrets and lies.

Candyland                          3 hander (2m,1f)            

Two film stars tear each other apart in the desert when an intruder arrives.

Bring Me Sunshine            4 hander (2m, 2f)           

Ernie delivers a funeral oration for Eric.  Only trouble is, Eric’s not dead.  A comedy about partnership.

Reading in the Dark          3 hander (2m, 1f)           

A famous writer’s sister wants to write too, but finds her way barred in 16th Century London.

Return to Sender               2 hander (1m, 1f)           

A girl who falls in love with the master of the house. What happens fifty years later is unexpected.

Jumping Jack Flash          9 hander (6m, 2f)        Liverpool Everyman

A rock and roll Jack and the Beanstalk, which broke box office records.

Heart and Soul                   7 hander (5m, 2f)        Chester Gateway

Once they were lovers in a band. Now she’s famous and he’s left behind.  Then she comes home.


The Rain Gathering           2 hander (1m, 1f)         National Theatre/Traverse/Radio 4

A relationship falls apart in fractured scenes    Winner BBC R4 Young Playwrights Festival.

Blitz!                                    30 hander  (15m, 15f)  Traverse Theatre

A large scale piece for a young cast about the Clydebank blitz.

Savage Britannia               2 hander (2m)               Mandela Theatre, National Theatre Studio

A bomb has been planted.  The bomber has lost his memory.  Highly successful physical theatre piece.

A Distant Shore                 4 hander (2m, 2f)          National Theatre Studio

A West Indian family fight over whether to emigrate to the UK after the war.  An epic over three generations. Written with Wilbert Johnson, Ellen Thomas, Clive Rowe and Joy Richardson.

A Child of Europe              3 hander (2m, 1f)          Theatre Workshop

The classic tale of Kaspar Hauser.